This is the site of 2013 music playing.

Create your dream music playlist with Queplayer. Simply add some of your favourite songs to the Que then start the music playing. Keep adding more songs and the music keeps playing one song after another. Simple, but brilliant.


Listen from anywhere & everywhere
With no need to install any software you are free to use Queplayer wherever you may be, at home, at work, or away.
Non stop music - with no ads
The Queplayer engine has been specially designed to keep the music playing, just like a DJ does it. We use 2 player decks and fade between the songs smoothly, we're sure you will love it too.
Search & Discover
Never have you had so much choice! We link directly to Youtube so the possibilities are endless, no matter if your searching for a song in the charts or that elusive number which you occasionally enjoy - the chances are we have it.
Build your own playlist
Bring all of your favorite songs together into one playlist so you can always listen to them when the mood suits. Even better you can share the with your friends, or even the rest of the world!
Share & Collaborate
Are you working on that awesome playlist for the next big party, get your friends involved and make sure there's a song for everyone.
Free and Instant
All you need is an email address to register for your free account and then you can begin the journey of instant music on demand.
Millions of Songs & Albums
If your worried about lack of choice, then don't. We have Albums from across the decades all the way up to here and now in 2013.

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